FTG Blog - Investors Scramble to Keep Pace With New Market Outlook

Investors Scramble to Keep Pace With New Market Outlook

For investors scrambling to keep pace with a hawkish shift in the world’s biggest central banks, the second half of 2017 just got a lot more interesting. Two weeks of rhetoric from policy makers in Europe and North America has rewritten the outlook for markets, with the Bank of England and the Bank of Canada now seen as more likely than not to join the Federal Reserve in raising rates before the year is out, based on overnight index swap rates. Even the possibility of a European Central Bank hike, once seen as all but impossible, is slowly growing. Read more

FTG Blog - ETFs Are the New Bond Kings

ETFs Are the New Bond Kings

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are transforming debt markets as big investors use them in ways considered crazy a few short years ago. Leighton Shantz had barely begun managing part of the $26 billion pension fund for Texas state employees when he got a crazy idea. Read more

FTG Blog - This Trillion-Dollar Investors' Group Is Challenging Australia's All-Male Boardrooms

This Trillion-Dollar Investors’ Group Is Challenging Australia’s All-Male Boardrooms

All-male boards take note: your biggest investors have run out of patience. The Australian Council of Superannuation Investors — whose members have over A$1.5 trillion ($1.1 trillion) of funds under management –- have pledged to vote down boards that aren’t making sufficient progress on gender diversity. Read more

FTG Blog - What is earnings season?

What is Earnings Season?

Earnings season is one of the busiest times of the year for those who work in and/or watch the financial markets, as virtually every large publicly-traded company will report the results of their last quarter. Analysts and account managers typically set their guidelines and estimates to correspond to specific quarters or fiscal year ends, so the results reported by corporations during earnings season often have a big role in the performance of their stocks.

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